Samson - Studiomaster Pro2 203

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Beautiful pre owned piece great for home studio recordings. Besides for a little ware and tear, slight paint fade on a couple faders and 3 missing knobs on the master section.  This does not affect the function of the piece and it sounds and works amazingly. If your looking for that more hands on feel, with some beautiful mic pres, eq, and comp on each channel. This baby is you ...

Toa - M 234

In Stock: Sam Ash Phoenix
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True Stereo line Mixer. • Four Stereo RCA Inputs for CD, tape, VCR, electronic instruments or other signal sources. • Two XLR Microphone Inputs with switchable high pass filters  • Auto-Priority of Mic Over Stereo Inputs for paging/BGM applications. • Inputs Independently Assignable to any combination of outputs • One Stereo and Two Mono Mix Buses with separ ...

Toa - AX1000a

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TOA AX-1000A Automatic Mixer, 8 Channel, Wide frequency response, Very low noise and distortion, 8 module slots, Adaptive gating threshold, Adjustable threshold and off attenuation for each channel; 8 input volume controls; 1 master volume control; 8 threshold controls; 1 NOM attenuation control; 8 off attenuation controls; 1 master/slave switch. Features Modular design for fast and easy custom ...

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