MindPrint - DTC Dual Tube Channel

In Stock: Sam Ash Canoga Park
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  • Very high-quality, low-noise mic inputs.
  • Extremely comprehensive and very musical EQ section.
  • Useful dynamics facility.
  • Digital I/O option.
  • Separate clocking of A-D and D-A stages.
A well-designed dual-channel preamp with high-quality mic, line, and instrument inputs, thoroughly comprehensive EQ, and a competent compressor/li ...

DBX - DriveRack 260

In Stock: Sam Ash Phoenix
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The DBX Drive Rack 260 is a rack mountable speaker management system. It features crossover, EQ, pink noise and RTA, feedback elimination, delay, compression and limiting and much more. This unit is in very good condition and comes with a power cable.

DBX - Drive Rack PX w/ RTA Mic

In Stock: Sam Ash Paramus
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Speaker Management System in good condition. 1U rack spaced unit. Comes with RTA mic (Measurement Mic). Great add on to powered speaker rig.

Behringer - Ultrafex II EX3100

In Stock: Sam Ash Paramus
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Multiband Sound Enhancement Processor in good condition. Great add on to current passive or powered speaker set up. 1U Rack spaced unit.

DBX - DBX DriveRack PA2

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Dolphin Mall
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The DBX DriveRack PA speaker management processor is a great unit to use to control your live sound in detail. This unit is in a good condition with minor scratches on top of the unit, this don't affect the usage of the unit. Here are a few details about the processor: dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System at a Glance: Take control of your PA system with this state-of-the-art loudspe ...

BSS - FCS 926

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Lakes
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The FCS-926 combines a digital-controlled analogue parametric filter set with intuitive as ...

Whirlwind - ISO1

In Stock: Sam Ash King of Prussia
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Use it to isolate lines to fight hum and buzz in broadcast or live sound applications, or convert unbalanced lines to balanced for long cable runs. A ground lift switch is provided to disconnect the input ground to the output.

Trident - Trident series 80 dual pre/eq

In Stock: Sam Ash Used Gear


The Trident series 80 is a great sounding pre amp and eq that works great with both microphones and outboard gear. It definitely is up there with some of the best of the best and has a great sound with vocals.

audio logic - 660 Dual Channel Compressor

In Stock: Sam Ash Clearwater
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This piece is in good condition. Comes with a power cord.

ProCo - ProCo Switch Witch

In Stock: Sam Ash Carle Place
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This is a speaker switching system. If you have multiple speakers or monitors this will either send or cut off signal to them. It's a useful piece if you have different monitors/speakers, you won't have to keep getting up and going to the back of them to shut them on or off whenever you want to hear them or not hear them. It has a left and right input and 4 left right outputs that are all balanced ...

Sabine - FBX2410

In Stock: Sam Ash Lombard
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Really simple 2 channel feedback eliminator.  Kills up to 12 frequencies per channel.  Get more gain before feedback! Used standard IEC power cable (not included)

Chameleon Labs - CPS1

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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This Chameleon Labs CPS single slot 500 series power rack is perfect for any stage or studio. Good build quality and ultra portable! Comes with original power supply. rp5632

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