Yamaha - HS5 (Pair)

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These are the HS5 powered monitors from Yamaha. They are some of my personal favorites in this price range for studio referencing. The HS series is modeled after the ubiquitous passive NS-10 reference monitors. The HS5's are incredibly accurate, providing a flat response across the frequency range. To me these monitors really stand out in the mid range. Lots of monitors cut the mids and boost the ...

Triple P Designs - Pyramid studio monitors

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From the fine folks at Triple P Studio Designs come this legendary pair of passive studio reference monitors with a unique style - designed to be a 'B' reference that emulates most consumer playback systems - car stereo speakers, jam boxes, etc. These speakers are passive and require an amp that can provide 30 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Frequency range is 80 Hz to 18kHz. Both speakers are in ver ...

KRK - Rokit 5 G3

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These are great studio monitors in terms of accuracy for studio recording. With features like 5" glass-Aramid composite woofer and accurate bass response will make a perfect addition for any studio. They are in great condtion and will not last long.

Mackie - HR824 Mk1 Active Studio Monitors (Pair)

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The Mackie HR824 monitors are beautiful sounding monitors.  They sound great enough to be used not only as mix-critical reference monitors but as living room audiophile speakers.  As one expects from Mackie products, they are rugged and reliable and nicely designed.  You can see that especially with this unit - there is quite a bit of scratching and bangs to the exterior case, but the monitors ...

Dynaudio - AIR15 Slave Studio Monitor

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This is a powerful monitor, meaning it has great frequency response, but it can also get LOUD. It's designed for both stereo and multichannel monitoring and will work seamlessly in the most demanding environments.Speaker is in great condition, only few minor scuffs to the sides and bottom from normal use (see pics).

Samson - RESOLV SE6

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Samson resolv se6 active studio monitor, in mint condition, input and output jacks perfectly functional,


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A great choice for critical mixing or prodution.  Get accurate reprentation of your hi-s and lo-s.  The VXT6 features a 1" silk dome NEO tweeter, 6" woven kevlar woofer, switchable auto mute, level adjust, and clip indicator.  BIt is bi-amped powered with 30W HF and 60W LF. There is a scratch on the back of one of the monitors.  Aside from that, they are in excellent condition.

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