Used Meyer 1970 Late Model 5M Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Used 1970 Late Model 5M Tenor Sax Mouthpiece</h1>Meyer SKU: UM4109030

You are viewing a 1970 Meyer New York tenor sax mouthpiece finished in a lapped facing 5M.  These mouthpieces look identical on the outside to the earlier New York USA models.  Inside they are very different. They have less of the rounded inner side-wall than the earlier model but do retain the same amount of baffle. The interior design is the same as the later ‘Made in USA’ model.

Meyer mouthpieces have been the chosen mouthpiece for saxophonists for decades.  They have become famous for their amazing response and smoothness in tone. This mouthpiece is a medium chamber with a .076mm tip opening.

The mouthpiece is in good condition and is free of any chips or teeth marks.  The price is for the mouthpiece only.


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