Used Conn 71H

Used 71H</h1>Conn SKU: UC6301649

This Conn 71H Artist bass trombone is in very good condition. There is some minor wear but the instrument performs perfectly. The slides and rotors move easily. Widely used in symphony orchestras, concert and studio bands. Beautifully resonant tone. Has F rotor with E pull plus full 7th position for complete chromatic range to pedal Bb. Using the overtone series of each valve note gives the player use of two horns in one: Bb and F. The combination of extended low range and use of the F horn overtone series, as alternate positions, gives the instrument great flexibility and unlimited possibilities. The F slide can be pulled out so that the instrument can be pitched in E. This enables the player to play a low B in b7 position. Brass bell. Lustre-Conn finish over polished brass with nickel trim. Bore 0.562″. Bell diameter 9½”. Length 46″. It comes with a hard carrying case.


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