Used NHT PRO A10

Used A10</h1>NHT PRO SKU: UN59A10XX-RR

This A10 system is in good condition. The speakers are fully operational as is the amplifier and verified by sweep testing.
There are minor nicks in the cabinets and the left enclosure has a damaged back corner.

The speakers employ a long throw 6.5 in. paper-cone woofer and a 1 in. soft-dome, liquid-cooled tweeter. The cabinets’ inward-slanted front surfaces are built to deliver accurate spatial imaging across the full range of a surprisingly wide sweet spot.

The A10 Control Amplifier features dual-mono construction, with two fully discrete devices delivering power output of 150W RMS (300W peak) 2-rack-space enclosure.
The Room Boundary Proximity Control and the Distance Proximity controls are unique to the A10 amplifier.

The A10’s Boundary control offers 2 positions for low frequency compensation, to adjust the system’s bass output to reflect placement (a) near a room boundary or (b) in a “free space” position.

The 2-position Distance Proximity control varies high frequency response from near-field to mid-field positions. This compensates for the higher ratio of reflected to direct sound as a listener moves further away from the monitor, assuring accurate system response at both listening distances.

The A-10 Control amplifier provides a 5-position input sensitivity switch at +11dB, +4dB, -3dB, -10dB, and mute.


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