Used Blessing B155 Artist

Used B155 Artist</h1>Blessing SKU: UB0212959AH

The Blessing B155 Artist 4-Valve Flugelhorn is great for the jazz or classical player looking for a flugelhorn with a broader range and more consistency in tone through out all registers. The B155 Artist features a 4th valve, which is not often seen on flugelhorns and is generally seen on piccolo trumpets, euphoniums, and tubas. The 4th valve lowers the pitch by a perfect fourth, allowing the player to play chromatically downward to low C# (leading into pedals) instead of bottoming out at a low F# (concert E). This horn features Amado waterkeys as well on the main crook & 1st, 3rd, and 4th valve slides; the 4th valve slide also has a secondary tuning slide for finer tuning. The B155 features a .460″ bore and a 6.5″ bell, allowing for the iconic warm sound everyone knows and loves. This flugelhorn is in excellent condition and comes with a 7C mouthpiece and its original Blessing deluxe combo case (for trumpet and flugelhorn).


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