Used Catalinbread BICYCLE delay pedal

Used BICYCLE delay pedal</h1>Catalinbread SKU: UC0581446 CM

This Catalinbread BICYCLE delay pedal is in mint condition in the original box.

Lucidity (Wet/Dry Mix)
Yin and Yang. There is a balance. The weight of each side is symbiotic and ever changing.

Reflect (Number of Repeats; from One Rpeat to Self Oscillation)
Envision a staircase. REFLECT determines the number of steps in the staircase. Each step climbs or falls depending on MOOD.

Radiance (Repeats Filter) 
Darkness or light. Dulled or sharpened. You can find opacity or clarity here.

Mood (Determines Direction and Velocity of the Pitch Shift of the Repeats)
Mood determines the steepness of the staircase. Tailspin or ascending a thermal? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Even at the center there is chaos in the tranquility. Embrace it.

Expanse (Delay Time)
Where is the focus? Inward, close at hand? Or gazing outward at a far away horizon in the mind’s eye? Somewhere in between? Your journey can be as short or as long as you care to make it. Take your time.




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