Used Carvin Carvin CTM100 Condensor Tube Mic

Used Carvin CTM100 Condensor Tube Mic</h1>Carvin SKU: UC5279018

Here is a Condensor Mic made by Carvin. This is a good mic in good condition. It contains a power supply that warms up the tube inside of it to give your vocals some nice warmth for recording. Can be used for recording acoustic instruments as well. Comes with original case,mic,power supply and cable.
The CTM100 is perfect for recording both critical vocals and instruments. Achieve the warmest, fullest, smoothest sounding recordings ever. The dual diaphragm, multi-pattern design gives you 9 different settings to get the perfect sound every time! You will not need to EQ this mic – it sounds awesome right out of the box! The CTM100 features dual 1″ gold sputtered 5 micron diaphragms in a special shock mounted capsule and a vacuum tube pre-amp, all suspended in a solid, handsome, machined casing. The included power supply assures constant voltage and current through a special gold plated 7-pin cable. The power supply also houses the control for your 9 different polar patterns including: omni, cardiod, figure-8, figure-6 and others. The shock-mount suspension virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise. If you want your recordings to sound as warm and full as your favorite artist, the CTM100 is the ultimate in classic sound reproduction!

Includes travel case, foam windscreen, shockmount suspension, XLR cable and carry pouch.

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