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Available is this awesome Rockin Crush Chameleon Birch kit in good shape!

Some typical scratches and dings that makes this the perfect modern players kit with a Kickin 24″ bass drum 16″ floor, 12″ & 10″ toms

Please note other than the drums and floor legs, the tom mounts are not included

More pics can be provided at any point!

Here is a full product description of these drums:

Crush Chameleon Birch Drum Shell Kit

The Crush Chameleon 100% Birch shell pack offers the time tested and proven sound of birch and the progressive forward thinking designs of Crush Drums and Percussion in a very affordable kit. Birch wood produces a distinctive sound with explosive attack and deep low end. The Chameleon shell sizes have been specifically chosen to give the drummer a versatile drum set that can be played in any application. The set has been finished with durable PVC wrap that is fully glued to the shell to insure the drum shells resonate to their fullest potential.

The Chameleon Birch drum shell pack also features Crush Drums and Percussion’s proprietary color changeable lugs which allows the drummer to customize their kit without having to remove the lugs from the shell. The kit also features a proprietary suspension mounting system that integrates into the lug design. This design supports the mounted toms from two lugs without the need for contact to the drum shell for stability, which insures optimal and unrestricted resonance.

Crush Chameleon Birch Drums Features

– 7-ply 100% Birch toms, Birch Bass Drums, and Snare Drums
– Triple sanded Double 45 degree bearing edges with slight round over
– 1.3mm tom hoops
– Fully glued PVC covering for durability and unrestricted resonance


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