Used Carlo Robelli EV55 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit

Used EV55 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit</h1>Carlo Robelli SKU: UC4114440

The New CREV55OF model electric violin from Carlo Robelli is a perfect solution for players who want to get into the world of electric concert strings at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.  Unlike previous models, this new instrument features a solid maple body for the best possible tone, as well as a tone knob alongside the volume control to further fine tune your sound.  It’s equipped with four fine tuners on the strings, and the outfit includes a case with straps, a bow, an instrument cable (1/8″-1/4″) and a 9V battery.

The Violin’s 1/8″ jack output from the preamp makes it perfect for players who want to practice in silence, but can be easily adapted for stage performance.


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