Used Sabian EVOLUTION 14″ HHX HiHats

Used EVOLUTION 14″ HHX HiHats</h1>Sabian SKU: US6768974

The combination of a crisp HHX top over a hand-hammered bottom delivers the perfect amount of musicality and sensitivity to SABIAN 14” HHX Evolution Hats, allowing them to play well at any volume. The hand-hammered bottom adds tonal complexity, especially when played open, where these killer hats produce an underlying low, dark wash. But the magic really starts to happen when they’re played wide open: their brightness gets fuller and louder, allowing them to cut through even the loudest hard rock without ever losing their dark character. They have the warm tone that Dave Weckl loves so much, but also brightness in the high end. When designing these hats, it was very important to have the right mix… a balance of both. Without a doubt, SABIAN and Dave Weckl hit a home run with these.


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