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Used NiCompressor</h1>Catalinbread SKU: UC3641085

I’m sure that you’ve noticed it before. You know, when a piece of vintage gear’s pricing starts to skyrocket and get out of reach of the average player’s budget. Sooner or later, a pedal designer recreates it, sometimes adds some features, and gets it to the masses. Such is the story of the NiCompressor. The Locobox “Choker” started demanding prices nearing $400-800 range and the folks at Catalinbread decided to investigate. In their process, they discovered why! One of the most effective, musical, sustain-giving compressors ever designed. The original only had 2 controls. Level and Sensitivity. During the Catalinbread rebuild, the knobs got renamed and an EQ section was added. All of the original charm remains! Whether you’re looking to boost sustain or go full on Nashville Squash, this pedal can do it and everything in between. It also doubles as a bass/guitar preamp. This specific pedal is in like new condition and functions perfectly. Call or email with any questions. We’re here to help you out!


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