Used Line 6 POD HD Pro X w/FBV3 Controller

Used POD HD Pro X w/FBV3 Controller</h1>Line 6 SKU: UL2101007

The under-saddle of the rack mount is a little dirty, but every other bit of the chassis is spotlessly clean.

As for the foot controller, the only evidence that it was previously owned are the P-touch labels affixed under some of the stomp buttons and a couple of strips of Velcro on the bottom. Otherwise, it was brought here in its original box and Styrofoam blocks it came in. Includes connector cable and manual.

Amp models, cabs, and effects. Oh My! Looking to sound like your going through a particular Fender, Marshall, Vox, or several other amps? It’s in there. Different cabinets? There in there. Hundreds of effects? There in there, too, with this rack-mountable multi-effects wonder. Then connect the foot controller to it (usually sold separately) and then there is so much going for you at the tip of your toes.


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