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Used Seaboard Block Keyboard</h1>Roli SKU: UR21HJSMN

Touch and shape your sound on Seaboard Block’s soft, pressure-responsive musical surface. Play a powerful standalone instrument — and extend its power by connecting to other Blocks. Seaboards have touch-responsive “keywaves” made of soft silicone. The keywave surface of Seaboards offer up to five “dimensions of touch” for controlling sound and making music. ROLI calls these “dimensions of touch” Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift. Just like on a piano, musicians can control sound through the force of “Strike” on the surface.

But going far beyond a piano, they can also control sound through sideways “Glide” movements, up-and-down “Slide” movements, continuous pressure or “Press” movements, and the speed of liftoff from the surface – or “Lift” movements. The touch-sensitive interface of Seaboards enables the sort of expression that’s often associated with guitars, violins, saxophones, drums and other acoustic, brass, and percussion instruments (such as vibrato on a violin).

Every movement is musical
Searing solos, cinematic soundscapes, and simple sketches start with one moment of touch. Then the musical possibilities grow. Make music with Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch) on a uniquely responsive surface. Expression is at your fingertips, so you can bring any musical idea to life.

Explore 100+ sounds from strings to synths
Seaboard Block comes with a huge library of sounds from string sections to glitched-out synths. Access your sounds on either mobile or desktop through included software, and add to your collection by purchasing soundpacks from renowned artists like Steve Aoki, RZA, and WondaGurl.

Electromagnetic Pulse by Grimes
Enter the sonic universe of Grimes, the singer-producer who’s redefined the boundaries between independent music and pop with albums like Art Angels. Explore Grimes’ crazy modulated synths and original drums. From the delicate Ocarina of Thyme to the obliterating Subhumans, this soundpack is for adventurous producers who want to add exciting new sounds to their palette.

A suite of software for any music maker
Every Seaboard Block comes with four high-powered music production programs. There’s something for everyone — from beginners to pros.

Equator Player
Tracktion Waveform
BLOCKS Dashboard


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