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Keeley’s Synth-1 delivers high quality synth fuzz tones with lots of control and filtering options.  This is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and paperwork.  Does not include power supply.

From the manufacturer:

If fuzzed out synth waves are what you’re after, Keeley has the solution. The Synth-1 sports awesome sound effects, with smooth controls for interesting adjustments, and a real nice style. This pedal is right for any player that wants to expand their sonic horizons.

Awesome Sound Effects
The Synth-1 gives you a little of this, a little of that, and mixes it all together to create one sweet synth pedal. Imagine the sounds of a synthesizer coming through your guitar – one note at a time. Then take those notes, fuzz them up a little bit, and reverse the attack to create a super-cool volume swell. It’s a unique combination that creates something that is altogether awesome, allowing you to make a gelatinous blobby sound, or a tone that sounds like the swinging of a light saber. You can even choose one of three wave forms with the flip of a switch, or change dimensional triggering, octaves, and whatever else you need for a more imperfect sound with the “Chaos” switch.

Smooth Controls for Interesting Adjustments
With this many sonic dynamics, you might think adjusting it all could be technically challenging, and yet, it’s not. The controls on this pedal are simple, straight-forward, and easy to use. The Filter control knob adjusts the tone of the wave, while the swell of the note is adjusted via the Attack knob. Additionally, the Blend knob removes natural tone from the guitar and leans more toward synth. The Synth-1 also gives you the option to plug-in an expression pedal to control the Filter in wah-wah type fashion. Needless to say, these sounds come out pretty cool.

Real Nice Style
With simplistic design and interesting colors, the Keeley Synth-1 is a pleasure to look at. Its dark base features a blue rectangle, underlying the black filter knob to the right, with three black adjust knobs to the left. The pedal name is printed in large white just below the mid-point, and the bottom is decorated red beneath the black wave switch and metallic footswitch. Bottom line – this pedal isn’t bad to look at.


  • Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator Pedal
  • Synth Wave Generator with Three Wave Mode Options
  • Reverse Attack Volume Swell
  • Filter Knob to Adjust EQ and Tone of Fuzz Wave
  • Chaos Switch
  • Awesome Visual Design


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