Used Roland TD-9 Drum Module

Used TD-9 Drum Module</h1>Roland SKU: UR5231666

This drum module is in excellent condition, was removed from original packaging for pictures only. The module includes the breakout cable to connect to triggers / pads, power adapter and adapter for mounting (see picture). Ships in original box.

From the website:

The TD-9 Sound Module is the anchor of Roland’s mid-line V-Drums kits. With hundreds of sounds, Real Audio songs and patterns onboard, plus Scope and Quick Record/Quick Play practice functions, full V-Hi-Hat (VH-11) compatibility, and 3-way ride triggering available, the Roland TD-9 raises the bar significantly in its price range.

Fast, Friendly, Fun
No more squinting at a small screen — the TD-9 is outfitted with a luxurious, large backlit display with accompanying oversized buttons and controls. Its friendly, icon-based user interface makes editing sounds and customizing kits fast and fun.

Interactive Innovation
Play along with Real Audio backing songs to build your musical experience base. Use the USB port to play along with audio files of your choice (.WAV), back up your data, or save a “quick record” performance. The Quick Record and Quick Play features allow you to immediately record and play back solo drum parts, or drum parts performed with the backing songs.

Head/Rim shots on Toms and Bell/Bow/Edge shots on the ride cymbal
Head/rim shots on toms can be executed with the TD-9K and the TD-9KX V-Drums. Bell/Bow/Edge shots on the ride cymbal can be controlled only when using a CY-12R/C (included with the TD-9KX) or a CY-15R for the ride cymbal.

Built-in backing songs
The built-in songs in TD-9 Sound Module are audio, and even when you change the tempo, the quality is amazing and real. You will enjoy practicing more.

The sound module also has a Mute function for each musical part as well as an A-B repeat function. This helps you to concentrate on practicing with a specific instrument or song section repeatedly, and with very simple operations.

You can also record your drumming either in “solo” mode or along with the built-in songs and playback instantly to check your performance. (Quick Rec/Play function) You cannot save that performance separately, however.

SCOPE function
SCOPE function allows you to visualize on the display, in real time, the timing of your playing on each pad versus the metronome pulse. This is an excellent feature for timing accuracy.

Types of audio files played back from USB memory
The ONLY file type the Roland TD-9 can play back from the USB memory is the .WAV file format. MP3 playback is NOT possible.

Audio Data compatibility specs
File format: .WAV
Sampling rate: 44.1KHz
Bit rate: 8/16/24-bits

Mounting the TD-9 module
It is possible to mount the Roland TD-9 module to a stand other than MDS-9, but please take the following precautions:

1) Use the mounting plate and cables attached to the TD-9 module.
2) Depending on the setup, the cables attached to TD-9 may be too short when mounting on MDS-20/MDS-12 or another stand configuration. If this is the case, please use commercially available, STEREO, extension cables.

Storing the recorded data to an optional USB memory key?
You can store the recorded data, using Quick Rec, to an optional USB memory key for up to 100 different recorded performance data pieces as well as memory for another 50 kit configurations.

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