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Used Custom – Ultra Sonic</h1>F.E. Olds & Son SKU: UO0336163

These Custom series horns were manufactured in the seventies. Designed to be a lightweight horn with a polished brass lacquer finish, the Custom series was meant to be adaptable for jazz, symphonic, show music, and more! The bell is one-piece, constructed by “explosion molding.” In this type of manufacturing, a tapered tube is inserted into a mold, then an explosive charge is detonated inside the tube. Upon explosion, the metal is forced into shape of the mold. Then the bell is “spun” against a mandrel to achieve the final proper shape. This process was used by Olds because it was cheaper and the company was looking for ways to cut costs. This didn’t have any negative effects on the resonance of the bell though and the horns were fairly popular!

This particular horn was manufactured between 1972-1973. While there is some very minor lacquer wear and scratches throughout and wear on the top of the valve caps, there are no major dents or dings. The water keys have been also been given fresh corks. The horn still has a rich, dark sound and all the slides and valves move freely. It also comes with a protective Yamaha case.


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