Used Roland V-MIXER M-400

Used V-MIXER M-400</h1>Roland SKU: UR5442406

The M-400 is designed to be fast and intuitive to use for the beginner or the experienced professional.

– 25 touch-sensitive moving faders

– large, bright TFT LCD display

  • Configurable digital snakes with high quality, remotely controlled mic preamps on stage;
  • Cat5e distribution that is light weight, low cost and without the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes;
  • A 48-channel Mixing Console with 18 buses, 8 matrices, channel and bus DSP, 4 stereo FX processors, 4 graphic EQs or 8-band PEQs, built-in stereo recording and playback, and built in multi-channel split port;
  • Up to 40 channels of limitless digital splits over Cat5e for monitor/broadcast positions, personal mixing, and/or PC recording without any audio interfaces;
  • Full compatability and interchange of projects wih the M-380 V-Mixer;
  • Returns to stage over Cat5e cable.


This board will go perfectly with some of our Roland REAC products we have on the website as well!

Available now at Sam Ash 54 Orlando – TL7184


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