Used Cannonball Vintage Reborn TVR

Used Vintage Reborn TVR</h1>Cannonball SKU: UC6762502

Today we have a Cannonball Vintage Reborn TVR Tenor Saxophone in a Dark Amber Lacquer. This exquisite horn is in excellent shape with a small dent near the bell, some light minor scratches and mostly wear on the buttons. This cannonball comes with a Cannonball hard case, and would serve and saxophone player well! The engraving on the bell is called art deco. -JB-


  1. Traditional Bell
  2. Hand-Customized Vintage Reborn® Neck
  3. 9 Semi-Precious Stones
  4. Hand Engraved (Limited numbered edition engravings available)
  5. High F#
  6. Ribbed Construction
  7. Detachable Bell and Bow
  8. Triple-Annealed Bell, Bow, and Necks
  9. Italian Water-Resistant Leather Pads w/ Wool Felt
  10. Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
  11. Blued Steel Springs
  12. Power Forged Keys
  13. Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
  14. Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
  15. Pivoting G#-Bb table mechanism
  16. Stabilizing Brace for Left Hand Spatula
  17. Relief Springs on G# and Low C# keys
  18. Machined One-Piece Neck Receiver
  19. Double Bell to Body Brace **Tenor Only**
  20. Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
  21. Hand Acoustically Customized by a Professional




25 Lbs.


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